Natural Fertility Care

Our acupuncture fertility program was created by the only ABORM certified acupuncturist in Milwaukee and one of only four in the state of Wisconsin. We are passionate about assisting couples on their journey to conception naturally and are knowledgeable in combining Eastern medicine therapies and fertility massage with Western fertility treatment to encourage a happy, healthy pregnancy.

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Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, reiki, and massage can be used throughout pregnancy to encourage physical, emotional, and mental harmony. These therapies can offer safe relief from common complaints of pregnancy, help to prevent miscarriage, assist in preparing the body for birth, and aid in post-natal recovery.

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Women's Health

In our fast-paced society, it can be difficult to find health and balance in our lives – to be in harmony with the natural rhythm of our bodies. Our services address the root imbalance of each woman's constitution and restore balance allowing the body to heal from within.

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Pediatrics & Family Care

From headaches to insomnia to pediatric ear infections, we offer holistic health care for every member of the family. Our practitioners have done specialized training in the treatment of infants and children using gentle techniques to treat kids of all ages. 

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Oncology Support

 Our services can help to support the body and encourage normal function in those living with cancer. Acupuncture, oncology massage, and reiki are all recommended by the American Cancer Society to help relieve side effects of therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation and can be easily integrated into one's care plan.

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Our mission at Orchid

Our serene, Milwaukee offices promote individualized attention and treatment plans, with the goal of restoring wellness and encouraging optimal health. If you have more specific questions related to personal health concerns, email us at
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