Acupuncture involves the gentle insertion of fine, sterile, disposable needles into specific points near the surface of the body to stimulate the flow of “Qi”. Qi in Chinese medical theory is the life force or energy that runs through the body along twelve major meridians.

When Qi is balanced, there is a state of health and well-being in the body. External factors such as stress and diet over time can cause Qi to become deficient or stagnant, leading to disharmony and imbalance in the body that manifests as pain, disease, and emotional disorders. The painless insertion of needles directs the body’s attention to the underlying condition and allows the body to heal itself from within.

From a western medicine point of view acupuncture produces physiological changes in the body including increased blood flow, stimulation of hormones and neurotransmitters, and stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system to promote deep relaxation. Acupuncture invokes an analgesic effect by altering the body's natural pain-relieving opiate system.


What Does the First Treatment Consist of?

Upon arrival, you can expect to fill out some paperwork- a medical history form including medications, vitamins, and supplements you are currently taking, a consent to treatment form, and the HIPPA privacy policy receipt. Together, we will go through your medical history form and complete a Chinese medical intake to determine the root of your condition. In Chinese medicine, we also use the tongue and pulse as diagnostic tools A treatment plan is then made based upon your history, intake, tongue, and pulse. You will lie down on a massage table, get comfortable, and the needles will be inserted. Once the needles are in, you should be able to lie comfortably without any discomfort- many patients even fall asleep!


How Long Does an Appointment Last?

Your first visit will last about 90 minutes, as we will go through a thorough history and intake. Subsequent visits will be about 30-60 minutes. Once the needles are inserted, you will lay comfortably for 15-45 minutes.


What Can I Expect to Feel from My First Treatment?

Everybody experiences the effects of acupuncture a little differently. Depending on the type of problem being treated, some people may start to notice the benefits almost immediately, others may feel a difference a few hours after treatment, and some may need several treatments before they notice an improvement. Some people become very relaxed while others may feel energized.